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"I have been having treatment with Padma for several years now and could not recommend her highly enough!

I was on a cocktail of 16 strong pain relief tablets a day to keep my neck / shoulder pain at bay I had tried allsorts, exercises, massage, a number of physio sessions, but nothing was really getting to the route of my pain and being keen to start trying for a baby I was worried about the effects all the strong medication would have if I fell pregnant. So I decided to try acupuncture and have not looked back.  

Using acupuncture and cupping to ease my pain I managed to gradually come off all my pain relief and am now off the prescriptions happily pregnant!

With the calm charismatic support of Padma I have also found my sessions beneficial for a range of issues. I have always been quite a fussy eater and with the guidance of Padma I now have a much healthier eating attitude and have found this has helped my eczema and general well being. Padma is very easy to talk to about delicate personal issues and you will warm to her personality and interesting knowledge of Chinese medicine instantly"

LC (Reading, Berks)


"Padma was a lifesaver!! My shoulder was in so much pain, I was ready to just tear my arm off. She listened patiently to my ailments and recommended a treatment plan. My shoulder is still a bit sore after treatment but a million times better. Keep in mind, acupuncture is not a 1-day fix-all. Looking forward to my next treatment."

MW (Ascot, Berks)


"When I first saw Padma I was very stressed with work,  I couldn't relax or sleep.  I would lie awake at night getting more and more fustrated and anxious.  I went to see my GP who wanted to give me some sleeping tablets!  I decided to try acupuncture as I don't like taking pills.  From the first treatment I felt far more relaxed.  During that first treatment I actually fell asleep and it was the best sleep I had had in ages - it was only for an hour though. 

I carried on seeing Padma weekly and by the sixth treatment my sleep was much better.  I was able to drop off after 30 minutes and my sleep was deeper.  Not only that, my ability to cope with work completely changed too.  I was not so stressed and managed to switch off after work. 

The sessions with Padma are great because she also gives lifestyle and diet advice based on Chinese Medicine principles.  Padma explained everything simply and didn't ask me to do things which would stress me out even more!..."

NS (Wokingham, Berkshire)


So last Sunday I had such an amazing experience with the Fabulous Padma Panigrahi as she stuck numerous pins in my face for 40mins. It was one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had! For those of you considering Botox, forget it! This is the way forward! No chemicals just a natural remedy to those cruel years! I'm going back on Sunday for some more! Padma is totally qualified and she is a total whizz at it. Bring on Sunday!

LW (Hampton)